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Capsicum - Green - per 500g


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 Around 200g each

One minute you will read about peppers and the next reference will call them capsicum, although these are the same. Capsicum are close relations of the chilli, though they have thicker skin and are usually larger.

Fresh organic green capsicum are capsicum in their mature green stage, fully developed, but not ripe. If a green capsicum shows streaks of red, it will be slightly sweeter than a totally green one; however, once picked, it will not get any redder or sweeter. Organic capsicum peppers should be stored in the refrigerator but avoid plastic, which makes them sweat and they will go soft and rotten. To cut the organic capsicum into strips or pieces, cut the capsicum lengthwise into flat panels. Discard the stems, spongy cores, and seeds (which can have a bitter taste). Organic capsicum peppers are delicious raw or can be grilled, sauteed or roasted.


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