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About Us

Many years ago George and Marika Baumann started a family in Sydney and had four beautiful children. In constant search for the healthiest lifestyle they could provide for their family they came across a wonderful product that was at the time, little known to a majority of the general public here in Australia. Organic food was at one time considered many things. The main misconceptions being that the quality (shape, size appearance and flavour) were inferior to that of the mass produced supermarket version (all of which have been scientifically disproven, and the taste...well WOW!!). Additionally there was little information available on the products wonderfully enhancing qualities to a human’s wellbeing and the environment. Yet the information that was available was still sufficient enough for many (including my parents) to make the change.

In 1991 an opportunity arose for George and Marika to buy a small Organic home delivery business in Sydney, which they did. And so it seems, they were onto a good thing as today the organic industry has flourished into one of the fastest growing food industries in the world. Close to 20 years on Organic Connections is going strong, having more that quadrupled its customer base yet still providing the personalised friendly service we take particular pride in and believe is the reason we still deliver to many of our original and loyal customers some of whom have been with us since the very beginning.

At Organic connections we like to consider our customers a part of our family, and therefore, endeavor to provide the finest produce as we would for ourselves and our children. We understand that shopping can be a very personal thing for many people. For this reason we are always open to listen to your ideas about your preferences, likes, dislikes, feedback, or just a good old chat about your delicious food.

We believe that's what sets us apart from the rest. We want you to be just as satisfied with your shopping as if you had done it yourself, even if it means going that little extra mile to provide you with your particular needs.

Organic can be harder to source than conventional foods, we believe that we can always do our best to cater to your requests in most circumstances and have that yummy ingredient in your soup, spaghetti or pie you so sought after.

In 2012 Organic Connections was taken over by a new couple Toni and Natasha who are passionate about organic food and healthy eating.  They are fully committed to providing excellent customer service and high quality organic products at very affordable prices. Their mixed boxes of fruit and vegetables are great value for money and very popular among the regular customers.

We are sure you will enjoy eating healthy nutritious organic food as much as we do.