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Cabbage - Red - per head


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Similar in flavour to green cabbage, organic red cabbage has deep ruby red to purple outer leaves, with white veins or streaks on the inside. Its texture may be somewhat tougher than that of green cabbage.

Fresh organic cabbages are one of the most versatile of vegetables. They can be eaten raw in salads or cooked for hot meals. Organic cabbage keeps well and retains its vitamin C if kept cold. Place the half head of cabbage in a perforated plastic bag and store it in the refrigerator crisper. Cut the organic cabbage before washing as it is difficult for the water to penetrate the centre leaves. Once a head of cabbage is cut, cover the cut surface tightly with plastic wrap. Rubbing the cut surface with lemon juice will prevent it from discolouring. When cutting organic cabbage into wedges, leave part of the core intact to help hold the leaves together. However, when cabbage is to be cut up into smaller pieces, the first step is to quarter and core it: Cut the cabbage in quarters through the stem. Then cut out a wedge-shape section from each quarter to remove the stem and core. Organic cabbage should be cooked quickly, then served as soon as possible. The dreadful smell of cooking cabbage comes from overcooking it until the cabbage has become sulphurous.

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